Other centres - Salisbury, Umtali, Gwelo, Gatooma, Victoria Falls, Kariba,Wankie & Fort Victoria.

Photos of other centres around Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), as known by their historical names. Salisbury, Umtali, Victoria Falls, Kariba, Wankie, Gwelo and Gatooma. In addition there are photos of rural areas and the major buildings in those areas such as the station and police stations.

Kariba and Victoria Falls include photos of construction of the dam and bridge that are the significant features of those towns.

POPULATION in 1936 and 1938.
The non-native polpulation of Southern Rhodesia was shown in the census taken on June 30th, 1938 to be as follows, the figures for 1936 being given in parenthesis:-

Europeans              (55,408)     58,870.
Asiatics                      (2,180)       2,360.
Coloured Persons     (3,187)       3,310.

The European population in the six Municipalities is as under, with the 1936 figures given for comparison:-

Bulawayo      (12,325)      13,098.
Salisbury       (11,387)       12,123.
Umtali             (2,134)         2,270.
Gwelo              (1,487)         1,598.
Que Que            (798)            855.
Gatooma           (742)            791.
The Native population of Southern Rhodesia was estimated at 1,311,000.