Ceremonies - Royal Visits and city ceremonial achievements

1897 - 4 November, 1897 official inauguration of the railways although the first train arrived in Bulawayo on October 18.  

1901 2 February, 1901 Memorial for Queen Victoria, (Alexandrina Victoria)

1904 - 16 September 1904. Royal Visit Princess Helena and Princess Christian the first Royal visitors to the Victoria Falls

1906 - February 1906. Lord Selborne visit to Bulawayo

1911 - Lord Gladstone was the first Governor General of South Africa.

1925 - 30 April - 19 July 1925. Edward Prince of Wales the Prince toured Southern Africa.

1930 -

1933 - Queen 40 years anniversary

1940 - Jubilee

1947 - Royal Tour was made by their Majesties King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, and their two daughters, Their Royal Highnesses the Princess Elizabeth (now the reigning monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret. Tour included an excursion to Union of South Africa, Southern Rhodesia and Bechuanaland Protectorate. The Royal Family travelled to Southern Africa in H.M.S. Vanguard,

1953 - 30th June, 1953, 60 years anniversary, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret set out from England for their second visit to Southern Rbodesia. Itinerary

1968 - ? 75 years anniversary