Acknowledgement - Davis Bulawayo Directory & Handbook of Matabeleland 1894-1895

African Banking Coproration Ltd. - Stand 295, corner of Fife Street and 6th Avenue
Bank of Africa Ltd. - Stand 235 Abercorn Street
Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd. - Stand 385, corner of Fife Street and 8th Avenue

English Church - St. John Baptist - Rector: Rev E.A. Hammick, M.A. 
Wesleyan Church -
Baptist Union Church of South Africa - Stand 154, Main Street E, Rev. G.A. Francis
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Churches cont
Dutch Reformed Church - Stand 370/71, Fife Street. Rev. P.A. Straslin
Roman Catholic Church - Stands 37, 38, Fort Street E. Priest in Charge: Rev. A.M. Daignault. S.J.
Jewish Hebrew Congregation - Stands 201 and 202, Abercorn Street.

Exchange Bar (H.L. Lloyd).
Market Bar (D.L. Cameron).
Charter Beer Hall
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Avenue Hotel (Pooler, Goodwin & Mason). 180, Abercorn Street W. now CBZ Building
Charter Hotel (Napier & Weir). 131 and 132, Main Street E.  now Dolores
Caledonian Hotel (A.E. Wilson). 136, Main Street E. now Southampton now African Life
Central Hotel (H.L. Lloyd). 445, Rhodes Street E. became Le Chalet Hotel
Gold Fields Hotel (Bryne & Ticton). 542, Grey Street E,. now Greys Inn
Masonic Hotel (Dell & Harvey). 438, Rhodes Street E. now New Royal Hotel
Maxim Hotel (Parsons & Hay). Market Square W. became Savoy Hotel
Queen's Hotel (A.K. Morrison). 232, Abercorn Street E. now Police Station
Sussex Hotel (G. James). 33, Fort Street E. now Colray House
Tattersall's Hotel (E.A. Slater & Co.). Market Square N. now Selborne Hotel
Waterworks Hotel (M.B. Jobson).
Welsh Harp Hotel (G.R. Mayor). (6 miles).

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Post Office and Imperial Buildings
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