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Annmarie Grant wrote this article for Morning Mirror Mags Kriel (circa 2005)

Reminiscing last week about the good old days, we brought to mind a plethora of exciting memories of Bulawayo. For instance, do you remember the Palm Grove which then became the Mayfair opposite the City Hall in Fife Street? and of course those Grey Street Cowboys will recall with fond memories the Trocadero which is where Hopleys is now, those irrepressible Harley freaks used to race from the Bon Journee to the Trocadero via the High Court I believe.

Bulawayo produced a variety of rather famous personages out of the Grey Street Cowboys - remember Gary Hocking, John Love, John Muldoon and Graham Bishop, some still alive and kicking (with quite as much gusto I believe) still right here in dear old Bullies. One of the most endearing landmarks of Bulawayo used to be the wretched humps over the storm water drains in the roads. They were wonderful ramps for those same Grey Street cowboys.   more ...........

Ah Yes..............those were the Good Old Days !!!

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