Retirement Home - Edith Duly

Established in 1959, the Home is open to persons of all ages who are in need of assisted living and nursing care, this includes Alzheimer’s and dementia; stroke and accident victims as well as persons who are incapable of caring for themselves for whatever reason. Originally, a 14 bed Home for 'ladies of a certain ilk', the period 2007/2008 saw over 65 residents both male and female. It remains Bulawayo’s only registered private Nursing Home.


The Changing Face Of Edith Duly Nursing Home
Established in 1959 as a retirement home for ladies of a certain 'ilk', Edith Duly has made many adaptive changes in the past 60 years.

From a 10 bed retirement home, to an overcrowded 66 bed occupancy during the inflationary period of 2007 and 2008; to fair stability through the years of dollarization and on to recent times when occupancy has been much reduced but stable.

The Home has also experienced a change in the level of care requested. From the early days of general care for the elderly ladies, Edith Duly has adapted to a more specialised environment where stroke victims; Dementia and Alzheimer sufferers; inoperable broken limbs and bedbound residents are cared for in addition to the more active senior citizens, both male and female. All residents are cared for by State Registered Nurses and in-house trained nurse aides on a 24 hour basis. There is also a rehabilitation therapist on call 3 days per week.

In addition to the regular nursing expectations, the Home ensures that all residents are made a fuss of on birthdays and monthly visits are made by the hairdresser, chiropodist and manicurist. Christmas and Easter are very special holidays at the Home - decorations go up and menus are in accordance with the season.

Age limit no longer plays a part and the Home accepts persons 'with a proven need' of any age, through their medical practitioner. The Home offers a variety of accommodation options ranging from 5 bed wards to private en suite rooms. The bright, airy lounge with its cheerful fireplace is a gathering place especially during the winter months. Satellite television is available in the lounge and in all wards and the Home is adequately connected to solar power generation for the days when power cuts prevail. All geysers are solar powered and a more than ample 2000 litres of hot water is always available. The beautiful flower gardens have remained the envy of many Bulawayo residents, some of whom visit just to see them!