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Annemarie Grant - "Those were the days"

Gwenda Newton - The Helms ©

Frankie Kay © - photos. In her bio she describes herself as "A wannabe author," who lives in Bulawayo, photographs pictures of Bulawayo, her first novel is ‘Silk Threads,’ © see more ......

Tom Varley © - photos Vic Falls and over Bulawayo see more  ....

Conal Morgan - "Entertainment 1947 style" and "History of hotels"

Guy Hilton-Barbour "Life in the 1940's"

Derek Rausch - old photos 1900's

Craig Fourie - badges bulawayo schools and clubs

Garry Hoffman - photos 1950's Eskimo Hut 'very early days', Matopos Yachts, Ncema Power Boats

William Mackenzie - photos Matopos Dam Yacht club, Bulawayo street views

Colin Newton - photos 1930's and The Royal Indaba, Matobo 1957

Daniel Lasker - photos over Bulawayo and hillside dams

Eddie Ried (RIP), Zie Nkomo, Benny Leon, Rob Burrett, Dave Power, George Curtis, Ian Dobson, Jeff Ker, Richard Flynn, Val Corin, Maggie Kriel, Rob Shand, Lewis Walter, Colin Newton, Alan Van Stan, Graham Henson, Peter Burgess, Phil Evans, Robert Bronkhurst, Rose Blair, Pat Buckle, Mark Woodward, Alan Roberts, Rob Davison, Len Sexon, William Mackenzie, Marcus Greenberg, Sandy Goldbaum, Graham Hesom, Elanor Gontz, Denise Greene, Ian Dobson, Carol Stewart, Bernie Kruger, Doug Wesson, Colin Jennings, Bryan Orford, Pete Kendall, Nicola Gouma, Lindsay Wynne, Mark Harris, Arthur Hamsworth, Bart Simon, Dina Dale, Michael Short, Paul Teasdale, Rachelle Oseran, Tonderai Shoko, Bud Jackson, Dave Armstrong, Brian Cumming, Richard Simpson,

Terry Katchy - photos Bulawayo at night ©

Lewis Walter - photos 1950s and Centenary Celebrations

Some nostalgia stories

Conal Morgan ....... Entertainment in Bulawayo 1947 style. Frank and Vicky decided to go out on the first Saturday night. They had been told that there was only one place to go, “The Grand”. ........ more

Guy Hilton Barbour ...... In Bulawayo in the very early days next to the Kingfisher on the corner was Dolton's Tea Room which was a popular meeting place for farmers and their wives during shopping ...... more

Unknown - Sauerstown ..... Today I received a number of photo's from a friend, I'm not sure what the politically correct term would be but back in the day we called them "Pen-Pals" ....... more

Annmarie Grant ..... Reminiscing last week about the good old days, we brought to mind a plethora of exciting memories of Bulawayo ....... more