Retirement Home - Savyon Lodge


Savyon Lodge, the only Jewish retirement home in Zimbabwe, situated in Bulowayo, is probably the apple of the Jewish community’s eye, with impressive furnishings, paintings and an aura of peace and serenity.

In 1960, it was decided to establish a home for the elderly residents of the Federation. The land was allocated by the City Council of Bulowayo in co-operation with the Trustees and Executive Councils of neighboring old age facilities.

Government funding and money from the State Lottery Trustees was made available, and Jews throughout the country sent support pouring in.

Plans were drawn up and an interim committee, under the chairmanship of Ellie Zacks, was appointed and given authority to proceed. However, work on the first stage only commenced in 1966, with the foundation stone being laid by Mr Zacks, who was by then, President of the home.

The first stage of the home was initially completed in 1968, after thirteen months of hectic activity.

Finally, in 1976, when room was made for a further 26 persons, accommodation had risen to 45.

Savyon Lodge is a home for older Jewish people in Bulawayo. Residents have their own private rooms, receive three meals a day and care is provided by trained nurses and care givers. Receiving no government subsidy, the home is funded entirely by residents’ charges, investments and donations from the local community and abroad, including WJR.